New & Exclusive! - We are proud to be the 1st Salon in Folkestone to offer the Collatan Sunbed.


Our Collatan sunbed is 50% UV for Tanning & 50% Red Light for Skin Rejuvenation.

This Means you get the best of both, all in one session!

  • Red Light for Collagen Repair & Skin Rejuvenation
  • Plus Ultraviolet Light for Vitamin D
  • Giving you a more healthy Golden tan
  • Benefit of Tanning & Anti-ageing in every session

How does a Collatan Sunbed Work?

The Red light operates on 615-625 nanometres wavelengths, they penetrates deeply into the skin to the layers containing collagen & elastin, where it stimulates the natural regeneration process. The formation of new, firmer collagen fibres begins!

Is Collatan a Tanning product?

yes, the UVB rays trigger melanin and vitamin D Creation.

UVA Rays oxidise the melanin to give pigmentation, that's what gives you tanned skin.

What Results should I see?

The results depend on how regularly and frequently you use the Collatan Sunbed. Most clients will notice Smoother, Hydrated skin, reduction of fine lines & Wrinkles, together with achieving a deep golden tan! Our Salon Staff will be able to advise you on how often & how long you should go on for.

Will Collatan Therapy work for me?

The Red Light will increase blood circulation which moisturies the skin, gives more oxygen to the tanning process and moves the melanin to the surface of the skin. It will also help to repair the collagen, giving you smoother skin.

Can the light cause eye damage?

Protective goggles should always be worn during the session.

Collagen Red Light Therapy

Does the skin have to be prepared for the treatment?

Your skin should be cleaned thoroughly e.g. with a gentle cleanser, to remove tiny dirt and grease particles that could otherwise reflect the light.

This enables the light to penetrate deeply into the skin and develop its full potential.